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Favorite horoscope place

Do you check your horoscope,if yes what's your favorite place or app to check?

A dead person in my tub

Hopefully the title caught your attention. Hi I'm Ashley I'm a newbie and love love your podcast!!! Sam, when you talk I swear you sound just like Buffy the vampire slayer. Haha. OK to my question. My husband and I are moving in a couple week into a new to us house, we just found out the previous renter apparently had a heart attack while walking into the bathroom and tripped and fell into the tub, and died......... he was found like a week later. And his cat also died too. I'm fine with it. I dont mind ghosts, but my hubby is a little uncomfortable, so I saged the crap out of the house while saying your free to move on. This is my house now and I release you. In the bathroom, I saged it so thick with the door closed and the window open it looked like cheech and Chong were hanging out in my bathroom. Finally the question. Is there anything else I should do before moving in. And something to do for the tub?


Do you have a prefer method of divination? There are so many types. I've been using Tarot and Oracle cards, Runes, and a yes/no coin. I tried the pendulum but found it not very eager to work with me. Would you be interested in doing a divination episode? The varying types are so interesting. Thank you. - Tricia